The objects of the Association are to represent, protect and promote the interest of the owners, legitimate occupiers of properties and the general public present in Lower Houghton, Johannesburg, irrespective of their membership of the Association, which includes, but is not limited to:
      • The protection and promotion of orderly development of Lower Houghton;
      • The protection, promotion and maintenance of its environmental integrity;
      • The promotion, protection and preservation of areas and buildings of historical and cultural interest;
      • Engaging in the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of its natural environment;
      • The promotion and active engagement  of environmental awareness, greening and clean-up of Lower Houghton;
      • The protection of the safety of its owners legitimate occupiers and general public in the area;
      • Lobbying, creating awareness, and making representations in support of the objectives above.

LHRA Structure

To meet the objectives of the Association and to ensure focus on specific issues, four sub-committees have been formed with clearly defined responsibilities.


Natalie Webb


Howard Lowenthal


Nikki Burgin

2018 Committee:  Natalie Webb, Nikki Burgin, Howard Lowenthal, George Williamson, Mohammed Seedat, John King, Wendy van der Merwe, Richard Broome, Eleanore Godfroy, Yaseen Theba and Mike Ahmad.